Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Space Battle: Day 1+1

A late start, but...

My Plan

This weeks plan is for me to build a top-down shooter like of line the old WWII flight shooter 1942. Or Lessmilk's Pixel War. I've build something similar for the GISHWHES hunt last year, so this go around I'm looking to improve/expand what I know, and try lots of new things. Here is my Laundry list:

  • Figure out sine whatever to add wobble/patterns of flight for the enemies.
  • Energy bars/Health bars.
  • Health/Energy pickups + sound
  • Enemy ships.
  • Enemy fire and sound.
  • explosion sound/animation/sound.
  • High Score list.
It's ambitious, but I have hope. I'm also off to kind of late start, but I feel comfortable. That was last weeks failing so I may crank it up for the remaining days.

My Goal

There is a lot of stuff on that list there, My goal this week is to get it playable first, make it pretty second. The sine stuff is completely new to me. Same with Health/Power bars. The rest (save the top score screen) can be extrapolated from earlier experiences, and implemented easily

What I Did?

Today in 2 hours of work  I've got controls, player limits, enemy, and enemy fire all cleared up. I've included a secondary fire mode with limited energy (see incident variable). Basically the simple laser blaster turns in to a fountain of lasers for 3 or so seconds. I've got the normal ROF for player, and enemy ships in a happy spot. I've researched/watched a video I checked out a long time ago that included bits on how sine works, and more importantly I've gotten some formula's and wording that should allow for some challenging game play. If  you are curious I learned a ton watching the videos that a were posted on ureddit lecture here.

Once I have some basic patterns in place I can blast through a good play tests, and see what needs to be changed. This time I'm going to try to make graphics the thing I'm trying to slam out at 10pm Sunday.

What I Got Wrong

Nothing really. Pretty strait forward stuff, I did have some glitchy laser spawn action, but once I switched the order of operation It was cleared up.

Thanks for reading guys. I'm going to try to have a decently playable alpha by tomorrow night. Good times for sure!

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