Wednesday, April 2, 2014

360 Dodge Ball: Day 3


Day 3 complete. With the basics in place by end of day 2 I'm now able to focus on refining, and tweaking. I've tightened up the end game menu. I've got a system in place to ramp up the difficulty so the player is not immediately accosted by balls. I've put in some player rotation making it more challenging to dodge balls. I've added sound, and gave some simple graphics to look at. I have absolutely no experience with pixel art. My GISHWHES project's art was done by a friend or pulled from the internet as license free goodies.

Another unforeseen bonus of this project is I'm getting in to more area's I'm not comfortable with (This blog was the first one). The art is the second piece that is completely foreign. The sound was unexpected, never thought to add sound. There is a neat site called that lets you build your own sounds. Thankfully it provides a range of pre-defined 16(?)-sounds that you can adjust, just go to the site, and hit the "Explosion" button a couple times, you will get a new explosion every time. It's perfect for my GAW challenge, and I'm sure I will hit it up as the weeks pass.

Nothing stressful today, just lots of cleanup, and I was never really stumped with what I wanted to do.

I'd love to tweak, add stuff, and experiment now that I at least have a working game. Can the player catch the ball, block with the held ball like my games namesake? Should I include ball collision for the ones being thrown? Dodge ball was a fun chaotic experience as a kid. Part of me wants to make further tweaks to character rotation. I want to include a reference to the player's previous score, Flappy Bird style. I think the toughness curve is a little too exponential, that might change as well.

I've heard that the GAW's should not venture far from their intended idea. I've finished early, so maybe I should experiment.

Play it here. Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

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