Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Jumping Box Final!

So... that took two weeks. Kind of not really...

At the end of that first week I had a rough idea, and a lot of hope. I ran in to plenty of trouble in the 48 hours I spent putting the game together.

I'm 2 days in to a new week, and just now publishing, but that's OK. I am publishing. And now it's time for the breakdown...

What Went Right?

The whole thing turned out the way I wanted. I was hoping to explore rotating the player box as it was jumping, but never got to it. movement, and even level creation went fairly well. I have not spent any time making sense out of the math of how I got the avatar to jump like I did. I just know, its working. I've pretty much figured out points, and I'm happy with the resolution's I've come up with to answer the question of "point reversion" upon death. For the most part this is the product I was looking to put out. As always, I learned/realized a lot along the way. 

What Went Wrong?

Player movement strategies with sine, bullet, and anything else that was not part of the "Platform" behavior. Shortcuts are  nice, but I'm starting to see the flaw in this system when it comes to learning about the more intricate things. I still have no idea how to manually make something "Jump". I also found out that if you stop a sine wave, you cannot revert it back to the first step, you just continue on if you try to use the sine wave again on the thing. I'm certain this is another one of the sacrifices for the sake of convenience. Not a bad thing, when looking a the whole picture, but a bad thing when looking at part of it.

At one point the avatar, upon jumping would stop on the floor, but once you jump again, it continued the wave through the floor instead of "jumping". combine things like gravity, and bullet behaviors, and it was like watching a rocket fly around with no control. 

Does it work? yes it does! I feel proud I sucked it up, faced my fears, ran in to roadblocks and powered through. The game does what I wanted, and is pretty good. I've confirmed that I am terrible at these jumping games as this one is probably a game I've play tested the most. I used a friend for alpha testing to confirm that it was not just my skill, and event then, half the times I failed, they were successful.

Thanks for reading. In case you've missed it, you can go here to play my game. Let me know what you think in the comments below?

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