Monday, April 7, 2014

360 Dodge-Ball: Final


It's done!! Click this >> Link

I admit, Friday I did nothing, Saturday, I did more nothing. I honestly was fairly satisfied with what I had. My whole goal with AGAW is to learn the tool I have, and become familiar enough to be able to put out the simple stuff in a quick way. 

With those goals in mind, I rallied a little Sunday and added a couple of features, and cleaned up some other things making the game more playable.

I wanted to add a point multiplier, or possibly some other feature if a ball is caught and thrown back, I just did not have the time.

What Went Right;

  • The balls bounce off each other.
  • The player can catch a ball, and use it to deflect incoming balls while multiplying the score earned.
  • The player can throw the ball as well.
  • Gave the avatar a face, so you know which way you are facing so you can catch the ball.
There are a couple things that did not go so well.

What Went Wrong:

  • 8-direction facing is beyond me this week, you can move in 8 directions, just not face that way. I should probably look up the logic for that I'm sure I'm just doing it in a way that does not allow for 8-directions.
  • Hit detection was good, catching.. was a little sloppy I think. If I had figured out the above 8 way direction it may have been easier to block balls, pretty much anything coming at those 45 degree wedges are probably going to hit the player.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoy the game, or at least understand it. Please leave feedback in my comments section here, or wherever you see fit. Please tell your friends, family members and loved ones. Share the good times.

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