Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Jumping Box! - Day 2 Aaarrgg and Yay

Skipped out on yesterday due to personal reasons. Got back in to it today a little and was smashing my head on the way.. My plan is/was to have a flat surface, with mo movement, and have obstacle just.. come at the player. As long as the colors matched it would feel like the player was moving along a surface.. as opposed to just dodging incoming objects. Makes sense to me right?

The only down side to this is I pretty much either had to build out this massive level of jumps thousands of pixels wide, and just bullet them towards the player. After that your golden.. But what a weird thing to work on. I might still do it like that, it's possible. But as I looked at it, and once I went back to Lessmilk's examples I noticed that he did the game in pieces like 3 or 4 jumps in a level, and just go to the next one. 

Player actually moves however, making your brain skew a little when it comes to timing your jumps.

The more I think about it, I might try for both.. maybe.. doing guesstimaiton I'm saying 3-5 jumps per tile 30 tiles. Ever tile.. 600 pixels.. so 1800 pixel wide game 200 pixel's tall. stick to 2 colors, and it should still be damn fast.. but how to deal with place holders.. checkpoints!

Yes! I will create my 600 pixel tile's place checkpoints at each one, and just.. move the pieces as needed.. I may be able to create 2 games at once.. using two different methods after all!

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